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Gay Times November 10 - Issue 386


GT gets to grips with the gruesome twosome behind the BBC’s gore-geous series Psychoville and their forthcoming Halloween special.

For some people Halloween is the one night of the year they can wear a ridiculous ‘sexy’ costume and splatter themselves in fake blood. Yes, just like Mean Girls. For goths, it’s Christmas. But for Psychoville creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton it borders on an obsession. And anyone who’s seen the show will know they’ve more than a little in common with the goth community.
“When we were offered the chance to do a special, they said do a Christmas special, and we immediately went, ‘yeah well, or a Halloween special’,” says Steve, “because we knew it would suit Psychoville and we knew people didn’t really do them anymore. The Simpsons do Halloween special episodes, and our special is in that vein really, it’s these different spooky stories, using our characters.”
His partner in crime, Reece is more vocal about his Halloween fixation, spending the hallowed night watching Haksan: Witchcraft Through the Ages 1922 (not that he wanted to tell us) and hankering for the pre-Americanisation days, when people used turnips, not pumpkins.
“The Halloween thing was hard to write because it’s a long time before it comes back on television and it’s such a cliffhanger ending, people might think ‘what’s happened?’” explains Reece, “but we had this hour long thing in the middle as a kind of holding place to remind people Psychoville exists beyond this year.”
During our chat with the boys, we were told the Halloween special has stories featuring Mr Jelly, Maureen and David, Joy (more Dawn French, yay!) and Lomax, linked together by Nurse Kenchington (Eileen Atkins) who “recounts these tales to a little boy who’s broken into Ravenhill hospital, in the past, and we get flashbacks… It’s all quite complicated, the way that we delve in and out of the stories, ‘cos it’s set after the explosion.” Says Reece. That was the dramatic climax of the last series and we suggest you do some catching up, even though you’ve got to wait until next year for season two.
In the special, Reece plays a new character who is a locations manager. “I’m going to the empty ruins of Ravenhill, to a recce for a Most Haunted style show, with Dale Winton! Who’s the new host. It’s called Dale’s Overnight Ghost House. Err, catchy title….

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