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Gay Times September 10 - Issue 384

Sherlock, from the onset perspective.

GT is, possibly not for the first time, looking out a dirty window onto a Baker Street illuminated by street lights.
But there’s no fog or deer stalkers – it’s modern day.

Oh alright, it’s not a real street either, it’s a BBC studio in Cardiff.
What the Doyle is going on?
Crime fighter Sherlock Holmes has been around since 1887 so it’s high time it was brought up to date, no? And when we say up to date, we don’t just mean a new version with a Hollywood cast, we mean setting it in 2010 with all the modern day trappings that entails.
And we’re having a good old-fashioned nose around his new flat. In fact, we’re being given a tour by the men behind the mysteries, and self-confessed Sherlock Holmes superfans, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.
“Some food? Here’s some,” Gatiss says, offering up pigs eyes in a jar housed inside the microwave.
The kitchen has been deployed as a lab, with the table covered in jars and stuff the production team has found on eBay, authentic things. This probably explains the authentically old smell. There’s a silver box with test tubes and a syringe.
We’re on set for the crime-fighting duo’s first encounter so it’s explained that ‘there aren’t bullet holes in the wall yet’. Blimey. If you’re wondering whether that familiar tobacco pipe will be putting in an appearance, we spotted a box of NicoBud patches scattered with the piles of gun magazines and unanswered correspondence with a knife in it.
And obviously, with Sherlock now inhabiting modern day, he’s got tech. A PDA and a smartphone – Gatiss notes that it’s “texts rather than telegrams, a blog rather than a journal”.
“We resolve a long-standing continuity problem,” Moffat teases. They really are Sherlock geeks – it’s like we’re getting a class in Holmes lore.

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