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Gay Times September 10 - Issue 384

Let me hear your Body Talk (Pt 2)

Bob Henderson loves a bit of Robyn. Round 2 of the Body Talk trilogy, and a chat with the lovely one ensues.

There is something about Robyn’s recent work that inspires a drug-fiend like adoration. Music and drugs similes generally make us a bit queasy (Robyn is no Britney on speed, or some such glib reference) but knowing that after the high of her album Body Talk Pt1 – which got better and better with each obsessive spin – there was not one, but two more new parts on their way... It left our skin itching for another hit. If you’ve been infected by The ‘Byn, when you get your hands on Pt 2, you’ll be shaky with anticipation. We were. And skipping through, there are no sugar high songs like Fembot, but hold on in there. It’s an equally addictive follow up if you stick with it.
There is something satisfyingly consistent about Robyn’s output. Critics will say she’s doing the same old routines. But what routines. Include Me Out is a yay-for-everyone Dream On style pop hit, with Yazoo synths and awesome gayfans’n’tranny pleasing lyrics, like “can I get a beep-beep for all my whatchamacallems doing whatever and with whoever they like?” Hell yeah, Robyn. These right-on rantings are played against the hard-to-take-seriously bad ass-ness of songs like Criminal Intent which come over all Peaches, or the collaboration with Snoop Dogg. That song, U Should Know Better, is a total winner, with or without her partner in crime. The same deserved arrogance that informed Konichiwa Bitches is mixed in with the driving ambition of Cobrastyle, it’s dizzyingly brilliant, hilariously arrogant and sneakily addictive. Even the Vatican knows not to fuck with her.

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