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Gay Times August 10 - Issue 383

Tom Hopper

Darren Scott gets hit by Tom Hopper, and he loves it, the hussy.

Tom Hopper’s just hit me with a rolled up copy of GT.
It’s as near to ‘beat me on the bottom with a woman’s weekly’ as I’m likely to get.
He’s punctuating the point of keeping a secret he’s just told me. Basically any minute now we’ll down beers and he’ll give me a dead arm.
Well, perhaps not quite.
It’s not exactly a chore to have to spend an afternoon in the company of the 25-year-old British actor. Firstly, he’s not difficult to look at (and not averse to taking his top off). Secondly, he’s unspoilt by fame and a thoroughly lovely chap.
And then there’s the fact that he’ll joke about his pubes, or declare that his dad’s a “proper DILF” or whistle along to Biology by Girls Aloud.
Following telly stints on Casualty, Kingdom and Doctors he appeared first on the big screen in Saxon before THAT shower scene in horror Brit-flick Tormented saw him getting whisked away to Hollywood – via a role in Doctor Who – before he could even pick up his towel. His next role – secrets permitting – is in World War Two movie Grace and Danger.
It’s a sunny day, we’re having a chat on a London rooftop where he mentions his wanger in the first two minutes. Pull up a chair.

Is it strange having men tell you to get undressed or making you pose?
Not really, my mate Joel, he’s an incredibly inappropriate gay guy, so I’m used to it and I kinda enjoy it, it’s quite funny that kind of humour.

And what does Joel tell you?
All sorts of stuff, he’ll call me or text me saying ‘what you doing, cock master, come round and sort me out’, he called me anaconda for a while.

Shall I ask why?
I wouldn’t bother. It’s a long story as the case may be.

I’ve got plenty of time. Is he going to like this shoot then?
Joel? Oh, Joel will love it!

And all the other guys who are going to love it?
Will they love it? I dunno. Joel might love it for different reasons. He’s my friend, so he might just laugh. He might love it for different reasons as well…

So I guess you’re fine with gay fans...
When Tormented came out it seemed to pop up occasionally with my management that ‘oh look, you’ve got a bit of a gay following’ and I was like ‘great, perfect’. I think gay fans are better than any kind of fan, than any demographic; a gay fan base is probably one of the most loyal, you don’t shut it away and I kind of embrace it, I have so many gay mates, so many, if they wanna look at me in this and read about me and whatever they wanna do then perfect, great.

Whatever they wanna do...
Whatever they wanna do whilst reading yeah. Oh man, I don’t mind – I mean I did a Cosmo shoot last year, did you see the Cosmo shoot?

Oh yes.
Well that was, that was a little bit more, you know, complicated than this, this is more fun, you can goof around in this, whereas that you stick a picture over my gentleman area…

Sniiiiiip! much more of that in the Aug issue of GT....

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