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Gay Times July 10 - Issue 382

Semi Precious Weapons

Bob Henderson gets the goss on Gaga's filthy little rock'n'roll monsters...

“We want to be the most loved and the most hated band in the world. All good music should be polarising, if people are indifferent about what you’re doing then you’ve failed miserably.”
Just a typical statement from Semi Precious Weapons’ lead singer Justin Tranter, who is out to ruffle a few tail feathers. He’s turned up to our interview in a beige flasher mac, dotted with metal rivets to resemble Swiss cheese. This daring number is topped off with flesh tone pantyhose under fishnet tights, no skirt and glittery gold heels. Love. Her.
Musically, Semi Precious Weapons are a complete racket. A gorgeous, snarly fuck-you-I’m-fabulous racket. In just one word, it is SCREAMING. Which leads us nicely into the “Right then, who’s gay?” question.
Justin launches in with gusto. “I am everything, and they’re all straight” he says, pointing to his band mates. “The world is still confused by bisexuality, if you will. I hate that word, I feel like I’m Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. So that’s why I always say I’m everything, which a lot of people are either really interested in or really mad at me for saying that.”
Bassist Cole chips in (he sports the bobble/shaved head combo, second right, cute but goofy as hell and obsessed with boobs) “He’s self sexual because he only fucks people that look exactly like him.” Nicely put. Justin clarifies: “And luckily, people that look exactly like me come in both genders, it works out really well.”
It’s no wonder Lady Gaga has made them her protégés, signed them to her new label and pushed them onstage every night on the latest round of the Monster Ball tour.
“The first time we were nervous, well curious because musically it’s so different,” says Justin.
“She’s obviously the reigning queen of pop and we’re a filthy rock band. I mean I think the general aesthetic is the same, we’re both boundary pushing and both look fantastic. The secret of Semi Precious Weapons and Gaga is that we’re all real musicians. We enjoy warming the crowd up, I make them chant her name over and over, I tell a couple of old stories of the old days in New York and by the old days in New York I mean 2007.” The band bursts out laughing.

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