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Gay Times May 10 - Issue 380


We love her and all her hardcore WKD antics. Jamie Tabberer gets the goss from everyone's favourite (or least favourite) party hard Grrrrrrrrl.

“I wouldn’t call it bisexual, but if you’re a babe, you’re a babe.”
You’re going to have to take our word for it. She did NOT say that for shock value.
And with that single sentence, the frankly fucking amazing Kesha Rose Sebert sums up her freethinking attitude to just about EVERYTHING.
Before our conversation, we didn’t hold the Ke$ha in the highest regard. There’s something about her, from a distance, that’s off putting. The annoying dollar sign in her name for starters – something even she herself acknowledges pisses people off: “It’s the one thing I’m most bored of being asked about in interviews,” she complains.
Then there’s her debut album, Animal, which revolves largely around the theme of partying and, er, not much else. Which is a tad annoying – what better soundtrack for the unemployed youth of Britain? At a glance, she’s more than a little in common with your lazy, nonchalant teenage sister.
“I’ve been fired from every job I’ve ever had,” the 23-year-old admits. “And I never went to college or anything. I was running around LA having the time of my life. BUT. I was working. I was trying to make this happen. I was dealing with people. If you want something, you have to make it happen.”
We begin to warm to her. But then we remember. The white-girl rapping style of singing; the GOD DAMN Autotune; lyrics like ‘I want to dance with no pants on’ and ‘Everybody getting crunk, boys trying to touch my junk’. It’s enough to make your skin crawl. That is, until you finally give in to it, and then suddenly…it’s genius. And don’t get us started on her pulled through a hedge backwards dress sense. We used to hate it. Now we love it.
Ke$ha: That dress I wore to the Brits was slutty.
GT: [Caught off guard, stutters] What? The dress was…what?
K: [Says the word slowly, revelling in it] S-lllll-utty.
GT: [Laughs until it hurts] LOVE that you freely admit that.
K: [Laughs until it hurts] I know!

The whole thing is in the May issue of GT, out now in all ye olde goode magazine stocking shops

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