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Martin Popplewell’s Big Debate

GT's exclusive interviews with Brown, Cameron and Clegg

If anyone had turned on the iPhone app Grindr in Downing Street on 24 February it probably would have gone into melt down. Number 10 was heaving with homosexuals. Dr Christian Jessen from Channel Four’s “Embarrassing Bodies” was on hand to discuss any personal issues – was that a queue of MPs forming in front of him? Lesbian star of Radio 4, Sandy Toksvig, was there. And Paul O’Grady was making the catering staff blush with a stream of filthy jokes before threatening to slide down the banisters. It’s not like this when the Russian Prime Minister drops by for a vodka.
The party was to celebrate LGBT History Month. But it might also have something to do with the fact that a General Election is just a few weeks away and the politicians need our votes.
All elections are historic. What makes this one so special is that it looks likely to be the most closely fought since 1992 with a hung parliament – where no party wins outright – a real possibility. This time your vote really could count.
In three revealing interviews I got the inside view from the main party leaders. I held all of the leaders to account on their own and their parties’ voting records. And, in a first for me with a senior politician, David Cameron actually asked to stop the interview at one point. Perhaps a sign of how sensitive the homosexual issue still is for the Conservatives.

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