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Gay Times March 10 - Issue 378

Desperate romantic

As psycho teen Andrew Van de Kamp he used to give gay boys a bad name, and even as a reformed character there’s a devilish twinkle in his eye we can’t resist. With gays and girls alike fighting over him GT elbowed our way through the crowd to get up close and personal with Desperate Housewives’ Shawn Pyfrom.

Mean bitchy and conniving – yet hot – we love Andrew Van de Kamp.
Most of the time you see gay characters on TV and in movies played off as these sort of weak, meek characters that sort of like hide away and only talk about fashion and boys. Andrew is like this strong, narcissistic, manipulative, sociopath that is also gay.
What made him such a bitch?
He’s gone through a lot of stuff. His dad died, and his mom started dating the guy who killed him. So in turn he’s made sure that her life is a living hell. He is like just about every other teenage boy growing up with a very constrictive, very overbearing, controlling mother. He did everything he could to spite her – and then went to the extreme and slept with her boyfriend.
But he’s calmed down a lot and even works for his mum – why the change?
I just decided that the streets had changed him and he had calmed down, become a bit more mature. Now that he’s become this responsible adult, I don’t think that I’m giving young gay youth a bad name anymore. But he’s still complex. He obviously had a lot going on up in his head. He’s still a great manipulator – he’s pretty much using every situation to his advantage. And he rarely ever gets screwed over for his actions
Is your own mum anything like Bree?
My mum wasn’t crazy like Bree but I grew up in the same sort of environment. I want to use the right words because I love my mum. But my mum was very strict and I was a young teenage boy that rebelled and I didn’t like rules so I gave her hell for it. She would say something and I’d do whatever I could to be awkward. So I sort of used that with the character and that’s why I can sort of relate in some ways to Andrew.
Andrew had a strict,controlling mum and turned out gay, what about you?
I’m straight, let me put that out there.
So how did you react when you learned you were going to have to camp it up and play it gay?
The guy side of me was sort of like, “Oh, crap. I have to kiss a guy?”. The show’s creator Marc Cherry called me up two weeks before I did the scene with the guy in the swimming pool and at first I thought “oh crap” but then I thought it was a great opportunity. But then I was thinking about it more and more, and that was immediately brushed my doubts aside, it gives the character a little more depth and makes him just a little bit more interesting. Before he was just a kid that was rebelling.

That's not all he has to say, the rest is in our new issue, innit

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