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Gay Times March 10 - Issue 378

King of swing

After months of staring at THOSE trousers during X Factor, Jamie Tabberer comes face to face with snake-hips himself, Olly Murs.

Olly Murs hates Joe McElderry? No, really?
“The Climb was such a boring ballad. It definitely suited Joe much more than me.”
Like, woah. Remember when Mariah and Whitney detested each other in the 90s? Is this the reality TV-age equivalent? Or is that Diversity and Susan Boyle?
We jest, we jest. This is Olly Murs we’re talking about: one of the nicest blokes on planet pop, the original boy next door. Quite rightly pointing out the Joe’s more of a ballads boy – well, that’s as severe as Olly gets.
Don’t get us wrong: we were dubious that the sexy 25-year-old would be quite as friendly as he seemed on the X Factor a couple of months ago. With the conveyor belt of Fred Perry polo shirts and the perpetual grin – both of which are on display today, the day of his first ever gay interview with yours truly – we did wonder whether the cheeky chappie thing was nothing but a branding mirage. But we’re pleased to report that what you see is exactly what you get with Olly…except he’s ever better looking in the flesh. And he’s sipping a Lemsip. Sigh. Could he be any more take-home-to-meet-your-mother worthy? And more importantly, should I have worn my nurse’s outfit?
“No, I’m really, really well,” he enthuses. “I’m having the time of my life. I’ve just been doing so many meet and greets lately – thousands of women and lots of guys too – so there have been a lot of germs flying around. I’ve had a bit of a cold, but people have said I’ve lost weight, which I’m chuffed about, as I needed to lose a few pounds!”
Well, we wouldn’t say that. And neither would anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing the shots of the stocky singer in a selection of cartoon-emblazoned boxers doing the rounds on the Internet (get on Google. Now). But we can’t help but worry...the Lemsip, the weight the pressure of being an X Factor runner up getting to Olly?
“No, I’m fine about coming second,” he assures us. “I’m so optimistic, and I wish Joe all the best for the future.”
Sure he does – but did he download Joe’s single?
“I didn’t, no,” he answers, sheepishly. “I was sick of the song at that point, I’d been rehearsing it for ages. But Rage and The Machine’s single? I might have downloaded that…I’m only joking! I did just get Jedward’s new single though…it’s amazing!”
Olly’s clearly Joe’s (and Jedward’s) number one fan really: he expresses a brotherly concern for the 19-year-old protégé of Cheryl Cole every time he crops in conversation.

...and to read more about Olly (including exactly what 'gay chicken' is) buy the new issue of GT out now

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