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Gay Times February 10 - Issue 377

Music Go Music

Mr Henderson is totally Bobsessed.

Music Go Music: we’re totally obsessed. We whack their songs on repeat, urging it to finish just so we can go back to the beginning and hear it all over again. One such song is Warm In The Shadows, weighing in at over seven minutes, it’s not a quick happy slap pop record. It’s a proper old school disco song given a new indie funk up, and we just can’t get enough.
You wouldn’t know it but they’re a “secret” side project of a cult-y US indie band which won’t mean anything to you if you don’t read Pitchfork or Stereogum (yes granddad, they’re websites), their lead singer going by the name of Gala Bell. Unsurprisingly her voicemail has a different name, but you only need grade one Google skills to figure out their true identity.
Forming at a glamorous cocktail party, there’s one band that they unavoidably sound like, and to our shame, are the main reason we’re totally besotted with them. They’re the indie version of Abba. “I know that the one song, Light of Love, sounds the most Abba-ish, it wasn’t a conscious decision to try and sound like them”, says Gala so-called Bell, “we all enjoy Abba and I think it sneaks in. When you start writing a particular kind of song sometimes it just innately – because of the combination of the notes and the energy of the way you’re playing it – will sound familiar.”

The rest of the interview, along with ones with Hurts & The Magnetic Fields, appears in the February issue of GT.

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