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Another Doctor down - as the Master returns to battle the 10th Doctor one last time, Darren Scott goes for coffee and a blether with the outgoing head honcho of all things Doctor Who, Russell T Davies

Just so you know, some of these questions from my office (and me actually) aren’t all that serious. Shall I start?

Come on! Look at you with your great big list of questions.

Journalist’s friend – Wikipedia print out. I’m actually on your Wikipedia page.

I think you’ll be there at my death bed Darren. [Laughs] I’ll be going ‘where is he?’ You and Doctor Who Confidential. They’ll certainly be there. In many years time, I’d like to add [laughs]. Talk about your life going before your eyes, mine’ll be there!

Right. You came number one in the Independent’s Pink List. How “influentially gay” are you at the moment?

Oh what on Earth does that mean? Ooh gay interviews, I’d forgotten what they were like, haven’t done one in a long time. I just hope that I’m just always visible as being gay. I always hope that the 14/15-year-old gay boy in the closet – which most gay boys still are – see you pop up on telly being gobby and loud on Doctor Who Confidential being openly gay and see you can go out there into the world and have a job and live and be normal and be gay.

And you can get an OBE...

I was in two minds because I would sneak into Buckingham Palace and assassinate them all like a ninja. I thought, firstly it’ll please my dad. Secondly I thought it would be good for an openly gay man to accept this. Lo and behold they announce it and so was Paul fucking O’Grady at the same time! So all my soapbox for being gay and visible went out the window because an even bigger gay man got one at the same time!

Is there a festive feel to these last two specials?

It’s set at Christmas, yes. The Christmas ones always are because they just should be in my opinion. It starts a few days before, then Christmas Eve and a very long, dark Christmas Day for the whole planet. Honestly Darren, we finished it yesterday – fucking phenomenal. Oh my god!

I can’t wait!

You will be HEARTBROKEN. You’ll cry your eyes out. I was sitting in the dub yesterday blubbing. It’s like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer [laughs hard]. It’s brilliant! But slightly less painful. No, I’m really proud of it. It’s probably our finest hour.

I’m curious as to how you can top the previous “big” stories.

So many jokes about topping in a gay magazine, stop it… You just do! You just find different approaches. Something like Last of the Time Lords was so dark. Dark, that story, as the Master burns Japan. Sexually abuses his wife frankly – that’s what’s going on there. How do we beat that? [Thinks] We do! [laughs] I’m going to say we do have scenes set in a women’s prison that will…


...truly excite you [laughs] In all sorts of ways… On Christmas Eve! [laughs hard] I’m really going to bite my lip on some of that stuff because I’ll annoy publicity if I talk about bulldykes [laughs hard] It’s fabulous. It’s absolutely fabulous. We’re talking black leather gloves, the works.

Oh my god, Prisoner!

Clearly! The Freak! I know! [Laughs] Remember that last episode where the Freak ended up in prison? Brilliant.

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