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Gay Times January 10 - Issue 376

Jessie Malakouti

Sounding like the (implausibly conceived) lovechild of Britney, Gwen and Lene from Aqua, Jessie Malakouti was born to be a pop star.

There aren’t many people who can claim to have had their song ripped off, sorry “reimagined”, by Britney herself – but Jessie is one of them. That’s right, she reckons Britney’s “controversial” track If U Seek Amy is a blatant copy of her own track Trash Me. “I wrote Trash Me while still in [band] Shut Up Stella, and pitched it to labels for artists like Vanessa and Britney – anyone who seemed to be going through some kind of scandal – but then I left Shut Up Stella and sort of went through my own scandal with the band so I decided to keep the song for myself,” she tells us. “I had no idea the producers were going to lift my song. It’s an unfortunate situation, and I don’t want to name names, they know who they are and what they did. Facts are facts, and karma is a bitch,” she adds.
Fortunately, Jessie has got enough pop gems up her sleeve to worry about the whole Trash Me drama. She’s been busy working with pop gods Xenomania, who are of course responsible for the entire Girls Aloud back catalogue (minus a few non-Xenomania misfires), many of the Sugababes’ finest moments, and that old gay hymn of Cher’s, Believe.
The first fruit of their labour of love, Standing Up For The Lonely is an anthemic slice of disco-pop very much in the Cher/Believe mode – and it’s pretty amazing actually.

David Swinburn

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