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Gay Times October 09 - Issue 373


GT stalks the corridors – and wardrobes – at Camelot as we go behind the scenes.

It’s eerily silent and I’m lost. In the distance I can see a large medieval frock. Naturally I start towards it but I’m distracted by a noise. I stick my head round an arch and quickly freeze.
There’s a sword-fight going on between Prince Arthur and King Uther. I’m most definitely not supposed to be here.
Thankfully, being the slight and nimble journo that I am, I’ve not ruined the take as GT go behind the scenes – and into the wardrobe department – of the BBC One fantasy drama Merlin. I’m a little down-hearted. Yes, I’ll hold my hand up. I did actually think that the interior scenes of Merlin – or parts of it at least – were filmed in a real castle.
So it’s no surprise that the sets are quite incredibly detailed. I have a nose around Merlin’s living quarters. It even smells authentically ancient, maybe because some of the weighty tomes on the shelves are over 100 years old.
I move on to Arthur’s chambers and his servant, the boy wizard himself – the almost-too-hot-to-look-at Colin Morgan – pops in for a chat. He’s in full costume (think peasant boy nips into Top Man) and immediately I’ve clocked the footwear.
“I haven’t mentioned this in an interview but actually these boots are Vivienne Westwood,” he says with a cheeky look. “Someone did pick up on the scarves being a bit of a fashion icon. What’s with us getting trendy?”

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Merlin is on BBC One, Saturdays and also on iPlayer.

Words: Darren Scott

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