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Gay Times September 09 - Issue 372

Booty and the beat

Dance duo Booty Luv are impossible to ignore.

If you didn’t already recognise them from RnB group Big Brovaz, you’ll definitely know them as the sparkly dance outfit we see before us. They arrive for our interview whooping like excitable baby seals, all leopard-print dresses and Pat Butcher-sized earrings. Dumping what seems like several thousand shopping bags on the floor, they settle down and swiftly address a topic close to their hearts: the sauce.
“We were even drunk on the GMTV sofa once,” Cherise Roberts lets slip.
Just how many of us can lay claim such an achievement?
“At a gig recently I made such a fool of myself,” continues Nadia Shepherd, looking genuinely mortified. “I was paralytic on stage, just lying around on the floor – it’s something I’ll never forget.”
“I was sober, thinking ‘what the hell is she doing?’ It was literally one-up, one-down,” laughs Cherise, “but the crowd loved it!”
Evidently these girls like a shandy. But don’t be fooled, they also employ an impressive work ethic. In eight years, they’ve knocked up 11 top 20 hit singles across the two bands. “When our debut single as Booty Luv reached number two, it was such a great feeling,” Nadia smiles. “We’ve done alright.”
And while their survival on the scene is commendable, what we really want to know is how they’ve lasted each other.
“Back in the day we were really at each other throats,” admits Cherise, recalling an era that also involved Dionne, the third female member of Big Brovaz. “We just didn’t understand each other. It was the three-girls-together thing. I just don’t understand how the Sugababes do it!”
While they’ll happily admit to fighting with each other, we (unfortunately) sniff no bad blood between Booty Luv and their esteemed colleagues.
“We’d win in a fight with Cascada,” is the best we can muster from Cherise, who speaks with tongue firmly-in cheek, “there’s two of us after all.”
“And although I love her,” Nadia jumps in, “I’d win in a fight with September. She does looks like a scratcher though…the type who’d poke your eyes out.” Amazing.

Say It is out 31

Words: Jamie Tabberer

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