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Gay Times August 09 - Issue 371

Dolly domination

Because we’re so very, very busy here at Team GT we’ll admit to completely neglecting to upload more of our chat with the Dolly Rockers.

This is a shame because a) you might think we’re ignoring you and b) the girls are really rather lovely.

OK, so they’re as excitable as you’d expect three young women in a pop group to be (we love that they just fired into the sweets that we’d brought along, intending to do a photo shoot with them) but they’re also funny, clever and confident. When we cosy in for a suitably trashy media-whore photo with them, Sophie grabs an arm and pulls it round her waist. “Oi, involve me!”

Brooke’s been gabbing away (while chewing a sweet) about Jordan – she’s just been on holiday and was witnessing the models antics first hand.

Lucy, well, she’s outside having a ciggy.

Dolly who? Shame on you! They were in X Factor several years ago but they’re a very different outfit now. Think Bananarama meets Shampoo meets Arctic Monkeys. Yes, that was a lazy journalism comparison for those with short attention spans.

Put simply, their X Factor days are behind them (they’re not punting themselves as a product of the show) and their tunes are winners. Je Suis Un Dolly, with it’s homemade video, began the dolly domination and their first “proper” single Gold Digger is out next week. There’s more to come – the sampler for their as-yet-unfinished debut album includes some blinders, including one that samples Propaganda’s Duel.

“We didn’t know,” Sophie says when asked if they’d deliberately chosen that song. “When we found out we said ‘did you rip that off?’” FYI, the lyrics are all new AND sung in regional accents.

So, science-part and general fawning over and done with, here’s the interview:

How’s it all going being Dolly Rockers?

Lucy: We’ve just literally had our first week off, it’s been nice to have a bit of relaxation. It’s all been a bit manic at the moment. We’re just getting ready for our first single. We’ve being doing videos, photo shoots and that sort of thing.

Brooke: It’s all a bit surreal at the minute

How’s the pop star lifestyle?

Lucy: Fu-uun!

Sophie: We’re not really pop stars yet.

Lucy: We’re just three girls who are very tired.

Brooke: It’s really weird, like, when the novelty wears off. Traveling and things like that, the first time we did it we were like ‘oh my god’, but now it’s just normal.

Sophie: I think it will be different when we see ourselves on TV, and people want to take pictures of us and we’re on magazines, but at the moment it’s not enough, we’ve not started yet.

I saw you signing contracts a moment ago, what was all that?

Lucy: That was for our house

Sophie: A £5 million pound record deal. No, we’re getting a Dolly Rockers house.

Brooke: I’ve not had a place in London yet, I’ve not even been back to Manchester properly since it started. We’ve been so busy polishing things up, all the loose ends are finally being tied together now.

You’ve been together four years but people don’t really see that I guess because you have to disassociate yourselves from X-Factor. I read that Geri Halliwell gave you advice?

Lucy: We never met Geri Halliwell, the newspapers got us confused

Brooke: She judged the pop rivals show, and then press said she thought we weren’t good enough, but she was talking about Girls Aloud.

Lucy: Our mentor was Louis, and he was amazing, so nice. We’d never done a gig before, we would have been eaten alive and he really looked after us. He told us that we didn’t need reality TV and that we should go out there and develop ourselves. He recommended the songwriters that we’ve done a whole album with.

Brooke: We never would have sung live together if it wasn’t for Louis. We would have been out in the first week and tarnished.

Do you think you’re a very different group now?

Sophie: Yeah

Brooke: Louis told us to play on being very young, but now we’ve grown up a bit and we can do what we like. We were so naïve back then, we thought we’d become pop stars over night and live a life of luxury, and we all got a reality shock. We’re really glad in a way that we didn’t go through with X Factor. Now we’re stronger. You don’t appreciate the sunshine without the rain.

Now, we have to talk about The Saturdays…

Sophie: I’ll give them a tissue!

Lucy: We were asked our opinion of them, and we said that they were good at what we do, but that we have more personality coming from us.

Brooke: Not even that. We said no five girls could ever be another five girls. We’ve never slagged them off. Lucie got asked to be in that band. We’re not saying they haven’t done well, but they’re so manufactured, so scripted, they’re given their songs, their scripts, it’s not them!

Sophie: We’ve written our songs, we design our outfits and come up with our videos. It’s sad that they’ve come back at us with all these nasty little things. Not everyone’s going to love you, but I don’t know why they even care.

Brooke: We were never rude about them once. All we said is that they’re completely manufactured; we know that because Lucie got through their auditions! Where as they were rude about us personally.

Sophie: I’ve got their album, it’s fine. But we’ve had so much shit, like people tell us we look stupid on stage, but we’re doing well and we just say well don’t look at us.

Brooke: It was all just nasty.

Sophie: We just want to focus on our career, we don’t care about anybody else.

Brooke: I respect them because I know what they go through, up in the mornings and all that.

Sophie: They’re supposed to be a successful band, so why do they care? They accuse us of using them to get press, but it’s them talking to the press!

You write all your own music?

Sophie: Yeah. We sing our own words too, about topics that interest us.

Brooke: We write little poems and a lot of them are about lads, and slagging off WAGs, girls who get their boobs out and things. None of us have been in deep meaningful relationships, we don’t understand heartbreak that well, but we’ve been cheated on and things like that.

Lucy: It’s all light-hearted and fun, not very serious. We’re the only girl band not going down the sexy route. We don’t try.

Sophie: The whole thing with the sweets is such a joke, like; we’re not trying to be like…

Lucy: Go out and be like ‘touch my body’.

Well you kind of get that because on some songs – like How Did I End Up With U – the lyrics seem a bit violent…

Lucy: It can be taken that way.

Brooke: The “pinning me down, stopping me breathing”, it’s all about interpretation, it could be about suppression. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me to shut up about the band, or he’d stop me wearing something. So it’s clever, our lyrics work in different ways.

You all went away on holiday recently…

Lucy: I was in hospital half the time, I got a stomach infection. The Spanish doctors couldn’t figure it out like, ‘oh my – what is this infection?’, and then I felt fine after like half a day, I wanted to go and sunbathe but they kept me in there.

Sophie: I literally just lay in the sea for seven days. I didn’t move, I was knackered.

I was following you on Twitter and was in Portugal when you were there. I burnt within two hours of arriving, I hope you were more careful.

Brooke: I was sat in a chair in the sea.

Sophie: I had a towel over my eyes and put sand on the bits of my body that were burning.

Do you like a drink?

Sophie: Yeah, we love a good night out.

Lucy: Of course we do, we’re not like most girl bands who feel they need to cover it up, we all go and do it. We’re not raving alcoholics but we have fun.

Sophie: We’re going to do things our way, and if it fucks up, at least we did it our way!

Lucy: We don’t get much time to go out properly, but we always drink at gigs.

Are you all single? I’m not hitting on you by the way.

Brooke: I’ve just got a boyfriend

Lucy: Oh yeah you can say that now can’t you!

Brooke: He works in Ibiza, that’s where we met.

Will you get your tops off when you’re tanning?

Lucy: Yeah we’re all out there! We’re not like fucking pin-up girls though.

You had shirtless guys in the first video you did for Gold Digger though.

Sophie: If we’d got to choose they wouldn’t have been like that.

One of them had a belly!

Sophie: Brooke picked him, I was like – I’m not with him!

Lucy: We’re making a new video at the moment. That video won’t be released, we’re not proud enough, and we’re lucky as our record label have allowed us to make one.

Are you annoyed about this whole T Mobile thing? [There was a advert very similar to a Dolly Rockers video]

Lucy: It’s been great press for us.

Brooke: It was our idea first, unless they’re psychic.

Sophie: We’re quite flattered in that a massive company liked our idea for promoting products.

Lucy: There’s nothing bad that could come out of it, it’s not like we’re a rival phone company. If anything it’s good because loads of people see Dolly Rockers.

What do you think about the gay following?

Lucy: We’re very flamboyant and have big personalities, and the gay people like that. G-A-Y was just amazing.

Sophie: The gay clubs always invite us to stay until like five in the morning, we’ve done loads.

Gold Digger is the first single, about WAGs, any names?

Brooke: We don’t mean Cheryl Cole, we mean like women who slept with Cheryl Cole’s husband.

Lucy: Gold Diggers aimed at more glamour models than footballer’s wives.

What’s North Vs South about?

Brooke: It’s about a typical boy who thinks he’s amazing and gorgeous, he sleeps with lots of girls, but it’s his Dad’s car and stuff.

Like a male Champagne Shirley [another song on the album]

Lucy: A.. er.. boozy Barry?

Sophie: We call boys Pedro, if we don’t know their name.

Lucy: Pina Colada Pedro. Everyone in Majorca was called Pedro.

So the album’s due in February…

Lucy: Is that what we’re saying?

Sophie: Erm…

Lucy: It’s two months before or after Christmas.

What jobs did you do before?

Lucy: I used to do a lot of temping

Brooke: I worked as a charity recruiter, a waitress, a barmaid, retail. I had to lose them every time I needed to go to London, and then come back and find new ones. But it’s what you’ve gotta do!

Lucy: It’s always embarrassing in interviews when the boss is like ‘so you’re in a band? Your manager used to manage Lily Allen and you want to work here on reception?’

Brooke: I just say I’m at college; it’s so much easier.

Lucy: One woman I worked with was like ‘You should go on that X Factor love’, and I was like ‘I’ve got a record deal with EMI actually’, and she like ‘Yeah but you could go on X Factor like Girls Aloud’

How’s fame?

Brooke: When we went on X Factor, even getting kicked out, everybody suddenly knew us and licked our arse. It was a learning curve.

Lucy: We go to events and we’re polite but we don’t need false friends. There are some lovely famous people but we’re not like ‘right – how many famous people can I meet this week’.

Sophie: When people from my school want pictures with me I’m like, fuck off, I’m not Britney Spears, do you know what I mean? People who suddenly want me to go on a night out with them!

There’s something a bit Arctic Monkeys about you…

Lucy: People say that yeah, we love that.

Brooke: It’s my accent.

Is it a good time for girl bands?

Brooke: Well there’s no one out there to really compare us to, in terms of our image, our music. We’re not like Cheryl Cole and we’re not trying to be. One interviewer told us that the good thing about us is that we’re all a bit crap, and he wanted a reaction, but I just said ‘okay’. Like, it’s just his opinion.

[Start ordering drinks] Have you got a favourite Bacardi Breezer flavour?

Brooke: I don’t really drink it.

Lucy: I saw a mojito in a bottle recently, which looked quite interesting.

Sophie: Tell me flavours are and I’ll give you a favourite.

Lucy: The blue one that makes your tongue go blue!

Are you getting sick of being associated with sweets?

Brooke: No bring it on!

If you were an animal what would you be?

Brooke: A dolphin.

Lucy: A bird so I could fly everywhere.

Sophie: I’d be a puppy.

Lucy: If you were a bird you could be well travelled

Brooke: My boyfriend got shat on by one on holiday. I took a photo and sent it to all his friends.

Now, in light of the recent Perez Hilton getting punched in the face incident – some people have said it’s about time – I’m going to be ever so tabloid and ask who you’d most like to punch in the face?

Lucy: Jordan!

Brooke: I should have done it in Ibiza

Sophie: Jodie Marsh though, she looks like a bloody.., well she needs a smack in the face to remove the make-up!

Brooke: It’s disgusting how Peter is pictured with the child, looking after it, when it’s not even his child! She needs to get some respect for him.

Lucy: It’s fucking out of order.

Brooke: She made herself a public figure, acting like the perfect mother and Britain’s sweetheart. She’s a bitch. Cheryl’s husband cheated on her and acted so well. Girls look up to Jordan but she’s just a stupid, stupid woman.

Lucy: If Peter Andre takes her back he’s an idiot.

Would you like girls to look up to Dolly Rockers?

Lucy: We want girls to grow up and just do what they want to.

Brooke: Just be yourself.

Sophie: We want to launch a clothes line, and some make-up ranges.

Lucy: Put Doc Martin in the interview, we want a deal with them, I love them! I want ones with Union Jacks on the toes.

[NB Lucy ended up getting the pair of Docs she wanted – see the Gold Digger video]

Gold Digger is out now. If you pre-order it, you can get a copy that’s been signed AND kissed by all three girls. And you get a free lip gloss. SCORE. See

Words: Darren Scott. Photo: Scott Nunn

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