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Gay Times April 09 - Issue 367


5 minutes with the band, 17% of which was spent pronouncing the band name.

First of all, some questions for John (the one laughing in the Tronik Youth T-shirt)

Who came up with the band name and does anyone say it properly?
The band name fell out of the sky it would seem. No one seems to be quite sure who came up with it or why we didn't change it before it was too late. few people say it properly, but you can tell straight away the ones that can, because they have a sense of pride. It goes in 3 bits: DANA - NANA-NAYKROYD. Aasy peasy.

What's hotter – the leather clone look or American Apparel?
Oh christ, American Apparel. But only when they have the pretty boys, I hate those hairy, kinda macho, skinny ones with the pot bellies. I looked up leather clone ‘cos I wasn't sure what it was - not my style at all I have to say, the plump older gentleman in tight leather doesn't exactly float my boat.

Between you and Paul who gets the most MAN groupies?
That’s hard to say really. I play drums half the time, but I get up and sing for the other half, so I tend to get noticed more. But there are people who only see the drummer in a band (Paul plays drums all the time), they tend to be the more rugged types, which I'm not into at all, so it all works out nicely.

Now we fire some questions at Paul (In Le Stacys, Ce M’est! T-Shirt)

Drum or bass?
Drums! There's no debate. Drums = heavy, sweaty, thrusting, pumping and other assorted vaguely sexual sounding words, no?

Just for the record, what kind of groupies do you personally like to get?
Well... John and I have completely opposite taste so there are never any arguments about boys. Personally, I like stubbly, tall, short-haired masculine blokes. Are you listening? If you look like this, come and talk to me after a show.

Give us one reason why everyone should rush out and buy Dananananaykroyd's new album?
Because it will enrich your lives ten-fold and make you appear cooler in front of your friends. And to be honest, I need the money to buy more trainers and John needs a haircut.

Dananananaykroyd’s new single Black Wax is out now, to get a copy or check them out on tour, see their myspace.
Words: Joe Heaney

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