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Here’s Andrew Friendly from our new favourite electro-pop band Milke, with the five minute GT interview (on page 16 of the March issue) in all it’s glory.

Who are the androgynous couple on your single sleeve?
We've got a friend, Anthony Goicolea, who's a famous gay artist in New York, and he really kindly said we could use one of his images for the artwork. We saw that drawing, and it really resonates with the music so we used it. It's kind of glam, emotional, androgynous and interesting all at once. Some people see it as two guys, some people see it as two girls, I guess it all depends on what you want to see.

Whats with the owl motif on your myspace and promo pics?
That's something that's going to be teased out over time, and we're building on references. We'll give a lollipop to the first person who correctly guesses what it's all about.

Is 2009 the year electro pop takes over? Will the likes of Oasis finally become obsolete?
It's hard to tell, but the signs are all there. There's loads of new acts and existing ones that are finally getting the attention they deserve, and it does seem that guitars are starting to be put aside for synths. It's funny, because we feel like we've been here, working away in our world, doing our thing, and finally people are starting to say it's what's happening right now. There is still quite a bit of bad synth-pop though, people who try and sound like pop icons from the 80's, but don't know how to write a song. Hopefully the haircut acts will fall by the wayside, and the people who can really write will come through. It's got to be about the

When can we expect an album?
This year for sure. We've got loads of tracks written, and we're writing more all the time. We're really happy with how it's shaping up, we're really keen to release these babies onto the world and make them the soundtrack to people's lives for a while. We're excited about that, because our music is a reflection on the world, so to put it back into the world feels like it completes the cycle.

And, since we’re here, are either of you gay? Does sexuality matter or have any influence on your music?
I don't think sexuality affects our music, any more than someone's sexuality
might affect their cooking. We just put everything into the pot, all the
pain and joy, love and horniness, and mix it about, and see what comes out.
Everyone has these emotions and experiences, regardless of sexuality. We're
from East London, and the ghetto-isation of gay culture is not as common
here, it's not really an issue.

Love, Get Out Of My Way (Gulp) is released on March 16th

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