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Gay Times May 08 - Issue 356


Straight outta Croydon, Frankmusik rode in on the crest of Nu-Rave, DJ-ing and singing at London club Anti-Social. It was obvious then he’d be the first from that scene to go mainstream.

Frankmusik, producer, singer, designer and genius of Pop, makes emotive electronic music that’s as beautifully crafted as his hair. Real moniker? Vincent Frank – née Turner. “I didn’t like my real name, and my grandfather, who died a year and a half ago, was called Frank – it was in memory of him. I started Frankmusik two months after he died. It made me realise we haven’t got long here.”
Frankmusik isn’t his first foray into the business of show. This fashion school dropout used to be a rapper. “I was called Mr Mouth. I only found out later that there was an oral sex toy called Mr Mouth. It had a moustache and everything.”
He’s doing rather well. He’s been snapped up by Simian Mobile Disco’s manager, signed to Universal, and recording with Stuart Price and Boys Noize. This month you can catch him on the Popjustice Wonky Pop tour with his mates Alphabeat. Popjustice editor, Peter Robinson, is quite the fan: “Vince grew up with his mum’s Bowie records, and the first thing he remembers is watching Bros on the telly. He's taken that and everything that's happened since and thrown it into a brilliant, mainstream but eccentric package.”
His wonky Electropop album is playfully entitled, Complete Me. “I’ve always been a complete arse at explaining my emotions to people, like most men. I never talk about it at the time with the person. I can only express it afterwards – often in a song. Everything has a true story behind it.”
Hence his most heart-stopping moment, 3 Little Words. “I never will mean it when I say ‘I love you’, because I don’t know what it means. It’s an abstract term. Through my songs I’m trying to find out its meaning.”

Frankmusik’s debut EP is out now.,

Words: Richard Smith

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