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Gay Times February 08 - Issue 353

Bourgeois & Maurice

Be very afraid

All beehive and heels, like a drag hybrid of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, Maurice Maurice towers over the scrawny frame of fame-hungry Georgoise Bourgeois, who sits demurely behind his piano thinking murderous thoughts. Welcome to the world of Bourgeois & Maurice. They're a very British version of Kiki & Herb, but drenched in the tragedy of a Tennessee Williams play.
Pianist Liv Morris and singer George Heyworth's alter egos are winning fans across London's club stages as they perform music hall chansons lampooning every flaw-ridden contemporary zeitgeist. First up, MySpace. ("It's a really useful marketing tool, but a very bizarre social tool," says Heyworth. "And people are realising that, as well. It's just bands!")
Talking of which, it was on last year's favourite social networking website that Georgoise rose to fame, whereas Maurice's background is far more sinister and shady. "She is a troubled and scarred person [thanks to] an incident in her younger days that she doesn't like to talk about. She would harm people, in more ways than one, so Bourgeois has to keep her reigned in."
Their relationship sways from exploitative, asexual and weirdly incestuous, without settling on anything conclusive. It's all very queer. "They're much bigger, grotesque version of certain aspects of our characters," says Heyworth.
Their main inspiration seems to be pointing out the ridiculousness of being too earnest. One of GT's favourite songs attacks all things nu-rave. "It's kind of tongue-in-cheek," explains George. "It's more about going into clubs and seeing kids wearing neon-framed specs and bright colours and looking really, really serious. Especially with all the club pictures where no-one smiles at anything. If you're going to wear that, at least enjoy it."
Liv finishes George's sentence with a grandiose statement of intent. "We just don't want any friends, basically. Anyone that starts liking us, we'll be horrible to."
We look forward to hearing a scathing critique of GT, then.

Words: Bob Henderson

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