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Gay Times January 08 - Issue 352

In The Know - Little Miss Jocelyn

Interview by Kim Watson

Little Miss Jocelyn is the hidden-camera prankster and comedian, formerly of 3 Non-Blondes, but now with a second series of her show, Little Miss Jocelyn, hitting BBC Two in the New Year.

I went to drama school and then got into stand-up in about 1998 in Stratford. I was on stage for 57 minutes, and that’s where the stage piggy started! I was still doing stand-up when doing 3 Non-Blondes so I could buy a house.

I’d love to get back out doing stand-up. I last did it about a year ago, but it’s about not having the time and not wanting to go out there and do the same old stuff. That’s what a lot other people do. I’d like to do some new material.

I love working solo. I call the other two every day and say, “I’m not missing you.”

There are plenty of new characters in the new series. There’re Ric and Nic. They’re super-fit. They’re so sickening, and everyone hates those kind of couples but they are what I aspire to. I say to my boyfriend, “Why don’t we dress the same?” I’d love to be in a relationship where you never argue or, if you do, it’s just for fun. It’s about being in that first three weeks of a relationship.

Liz [Prince William’s wild warrior girlfriend] is my favourite new character. When I first wrote her in, William and Kate were together and by the time we started shooting, they’d split up. So I kept doing witchcraft, lighting candles and stuff in the hope they’d get back together! It came from about two years ago, when everyone on TV or in the papers seemed to be saying they fancied Prince William, including Beyoncé and Paris Hilton.

If we had the budget I’d do anything, except wearing coloured contact lenses. I was gonna do blue lenses for Primadora, but because my eyes are so dark I’d have to do the really thick ones, and my eyes are too sensitive. I’d love to do bald.

I’ve had some gay characters going around in my head for ages and eventually I’ll develop them.

There are certain things I can’t do now, like being really rowdy with friends on a train after a night out. It’s hard for me to do that now because of YouTube. There’s even one of me called Little Miss Jocelyn on the Central Line.

I’ve got to stop urinating in the street and, sometimes when I’m off to a meeting, changing my top in the street. I have stop doing these things now.

I’ve met some intrusive toilet attendants who are in-your-face when you just want to get back to the bar. The character Customs Officer is an amalgamation of anyone that’s given me trouble at airports. I’m constantly been stopped and told I’ve been selected for the special search and I’m thinking, “Ooh thank you; what have I won?”

Christopher Biggins should run for Mayor. He is warm, wonderful, funny – and there’d be no congestion charging.

In the new series, there’s been more studio time and I’ve loved having the cast there as the audience. It’s made me want to get back into stand-up. You get that same adrenalin with the hidden camera stuff. It’s live, so you only really get one chance. I love the interaction with people.

People want to talk. As things are getting intense and stressed, people need that release, and it comes out in the stunts.

I’ve gone to get a taxi in the pouring rain, and the driver’s saying, “Where’re the cameras, then?” I’ve had people get me back, asking for the time or directions.

There’re so many other things I want to do. I did meet the Queen the other day, and got to speak to one of her assistants about the Liz character. They really laughed and said they thought the Queen would love it.

I’m hosting a comedy shuffle on BBC Three next week, and Saturday Night Live on December 1st. After that, I’m going to have a break – stay at home, maybe, get up at 1pm.

I do New Year resolutions every day and then I don’t do them. It gets to New Year and it’s just the stuff I haven’t done all year – less alcohol, more water, more fruit and veg…

My family, my Mum and Dad, close friends, real people and strangers. Everyday people are my biggest inspiration.

The new series of Little Miss Jocelyn airs on BBC Two from Thursday Jan 10th at 9.30pm

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