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Gay times June 2014 - Issue 433


To date, the bar hasn't been set high for ex-go-go dancers looking for a mainstream showbiz break. But there's an exception to every rule, so let us introduce you to GT's favourite exception, Matthew Camp!

With his only acting experience being local theatre as a child in San Francisco, parallels have been drawn between Matthew's Go to Madonna's Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan, as both play exaggerated versions of themselves...

"What you see in Getting Go is a rough representation of me, I mean, I do run around shirtless all the time, Go and I are both not not afraid of a lot of things, and we danced in our underwear, so we're both confident. But I wouldn't have handled most of the situations in the same way Go did. I'm not as sexual s him... I don't go on a lot of dates, I'm very reclusive, hanging out at my house. Go-go dancing was very much a job for me and after I'd perform, I'd leave right away rather than hang out at the club."

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