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Gay Times April 14 - Issue 431


TOWIE's newest hunk loses his pants inside GT!

Whatever you think of TOWIE, it’s evolved into an unstoppable telly phenomenon, shaping styles, fashions and even introducing new words into the Oxford dictionary. James, 27, first started on the show last year with real life best friend Dan Osborne, but it’s only in the new series that he’s started to take centre stage and light some fireworks of his own.

“It took me a little while to get used to the cameras,” James tells us, after we begrudgingly let him put his clothes back on. “Sometimes I wasn’t speaking clearly enough, or my voice would go because I’d got a little bit drunk, ‘cos I was nervous. But I feel much more comfortable this year. I’ve come out of my shell a lot. I’d never been on camera before or been involved with this industry, so it took some getting used to. Like this, though [James’ GT shoot], I like to take things out of my comfort zone.”

James was working as a sparky before he was scouted for TOWIE in an Essex nightclub. Half cut, he thought the offer was “jackanory”, but just a few weeks later he was being interviewed and screen tested, and now he’s one of the show’s rising new stars, with a massive following – gay and straight – growing by the day. And at 6”4, classically handsome good looks and a body sculpted at the gym, it’s clear to see why.

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