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Gay Times April 14 - Issue 431


Cameron, Clegg, Miliaband & Farage answer to you!

Four years ago, David Cameron became the British Prime Minister. A great deal of his time since has been spent changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry, something he felt personally committed to. But his party was hesitant, and most Conservative MPs ended up being against the change.

This is what he had to say...

!For me it was summed up by a mum in my constituency who said “I’ve got a straight son and a gay daughter. Now I know I’m going to be able to go to both of their weddings, and that makes me really happy”. It isn’t every day someone tells me something like that – and it reinforces that what we’ve done on same-sex marriage says something positive about the country we are, the respect we have for each other and the values that are important to us. Of course there are details still being worked on – such as when civil partnerships can be converted into a marriage – but it’s important that from 29 March the love people have for each other will not be divided by law. The heart of this issue is this: equality matters. People should be valued for who they are and what they contribute. It’s a person’s character that matters.!

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