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Gay Times April 14 - Issue 431


Ladies, gentlemen and flamboyant gentlemen, we give you the legendary Miss Piggy!

If you could be any human, what human would you be and why?

When I can be moi, why would I possibly want to be a mere human? But I'd certainly take a shelf full of Meryl Streep's Oscars if you're offering.

What song do you like to get freaky to?

Muskrat Love. I have no idea why, but this one always gets Kermie and moi out on the dance floor letting our freak flag fly.

If someone wrote an autobiography about you, what should the title be?

"Call Me Moi!: The Kiss and Kiss and Kiss and Tell and Kiss Some More Story of the World's Most Powerful Diva: Volume I"

Have you ever stolen anything?

Just moi's frog's heart. The rest of the stuff, I charge.

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