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Gay Times March 14 - Issue 430


For such a fierce lady, RuPaul is a true gentleman.

He laughs hard when asked if he thinks there’s now a bit of a mix-up between shade and people just being bitchy.

“Well there’s always been that mix up, but most people don’t have the kind of decorum or most people can’t tell the difference between black and white basically. I love Judge Judy and people always say ‘oh she’s mean’ but it’s like, actually she’s not mean, what she is is she’s very direct and she doesn’t take any shit, so people do broad strokes and say she’s mean. It always bothered me when people would say ‘this one’s a diva’ or ‘that one’s a supermodel’. Actually the real definition of diva or supermodel, the people that are saying that don’t really know what that really means because,” he adopts a brilliant ‘old’ voice, “‘in my day’ supermodel meant you did runway, you had editorial work and you had contracts with companies, as in advertising contracts, that’s why they called it a supermodel. But now everybody’s a fucking supermodel.”

And there’s the T.

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