Editor's Letter

April 15 – Naked Issue: Part Two

More naked men, you say…?

The ultimate shade to any of ‘those’ people that oh-so-wittingly write on social media ‘isn’t every issue of *insert name of gay magazine* a naked issue?’ Well, here you go! Another naked issue!

Of course, you lovely loyal lot know that we do in fact do a lot more than just those editions of Gay Times, because you’re good enough to get, so to speak, under the cover with us on a regular basis. And for that I say thank you. Yes, while perhaps adopting a Valerie Cherish prayer-hand pose.

The reason we do our naked issues – and that’s actually only two this year, out of 13, fact fans – is because you LOVE ‘EM. Sorry not sorry. They’re by far the most popular issues we do – which is brilliant, because we’re the only ones that actually fund raise for the charities the naked issues are in aid of. And, as with part one of our huuuuge naked shoot – blatant plug: still available at www.gtdigi.co.uk – we’re back with Balls To Cancer once more for part two this month.

All the reasons I went into in that afore-mentioned-still-available-part-one as to why the charity is important to me obviously still stand, so I won’t repeat them here. But donate, won’t you? And, of course, #checkyourselfie. Gotta have a hashtag...

Shade, social media, hashtags, a certain thirstiness... That brings me onto our tongue-in-cheek Worst Gays of Twitter feature, written by the hilarious James Goss for his new novel, Haterz. And gays of Twitter could bring me onto Russell Tovey, who we spoke with BEFORE *that* Guardian interview blew up.

Well, I guess the point is, I’m sure you’ll let me know how you feel, naked or otherwise...