Editor's Letter

When I was a kid

– which I’m still trying to pretend really wasn’t that long ago – summer was never really about the sun, or a holiday abroad. It was about summer specials. Bumper editions of my favourite magazines, poured over time and time again, well-thumbed for several school-free months. Well, comics, really. But my favourite of those were the horror anthologies, such as the short-lived Scream comic, which revelled in tales told at night, or in the Halloween-fuelled autumn months.

So it’s always a little strange for me to embrace GT’s sunny summer edition – we do 13 issues a year, so there’s always an extra month that needs a name! Fortunately for you, I haven’t filled it with ghouls and frights – it’s not about me, after all. Though you will find a few things that I grew to have more of an interest in as the years went by... Being a pasty-skinned Scot, my skin never took too kindly to the rays, so a ‘summer’ or ‘beach’ body never really crossed my mind, and doesn’t now.

I say do whatever makes you happy. In truth I’ve never really been fond of the heat and the warmth. Fortunately, being Scottish, that was never really too much of a problem. But in London that’s not the case, as an insufferable city becomes even more problematic and I long for the cool, cold times of winter – and, of course, Christmas and all that brings with it. Which for me generally means having a ‘hibernation body’, something I find far too easily achievable.

Enjoy your summer, and hopefully it’s special for you without too many things that go bump in the night!

Darren Scott @darren_scott