Editor's Letter

June 15 – Act Two

I want more...

When I was younger, I was particularly taken with Madonna’s song More, from the movie Dick Tracy. I adored all the songs from the film, but More in particular stuck out – possibly because it also had a hand-waving dance routine to go with it. Madonna, comic books and Sondheim: it didn’t take anyone long to figure out where that was all going...

I still love More today, and it’s one of a few songs I’ll attempt – badly, of course – to sing in the shower before a day at GT beckons. Mainly because it’s become something of a way of thinking when it comes to the mag you’re holding now. ‘Nothing’s better than more...’

We’re a small team – with a lovely network of people that also contribute, but it’s not like Ugly Betty, sorry – and it made me laugh recently when someone commented there was ‘too much’ in GT. Oops! That’s my bad. Our designer jokes that I think we can somehow defy physics, as each month we find we have too much material for the magazine. So if I had my way, you’d be getting even more.

And while we did try our best to bend time and space, we’ve had to put a complete second shoot with Collabro – who I’m delighted to have back in GT once more – in our digital edition. Yes, yet again there’s ‘too much’, but as Madonna sang: ‘If you’ve got a little, why not a lot?’

So you’ll need to check out gaytimes.co.uk for even more material we just couldn’t fit here. Surely that makes us the best value for money gay magazine? Surely we should just stop at that? No? No! Of course not! We’re going to make even MORE for you!

“Never say when, never stop at plenty, if it’s gonna rain let it pour!”