Editor's Letter

A Christmas Message from Geri Halliwell

Hello. It’s been a while but I’m so proud to be part of this month’s issue.

This month is very special, together we look back over 2012 and look forward with hope to 2013. We consolidate and we celebrate, it’s a mixture of sweetness and pain, our triumphs and disappointments. The best thing about it is we come together and we can laugh at the good and the bad, I guess that’s life.
For me, this year has been about getting out of my comfort zone and being honest about who I am and what I like. And that’s why I love you, I love gay culture, the honesty, the spirit, we’re a club, a tribe. Stepping out and expressing, celebrating exactly who you are liberates me and it liberates others.
Everyone in this issue is brave and individual in their own way. A lot of people are scared to take chances, they fear failure, but together we rejoice and encourage. This month read about Mark from Westlife, Robin, the cute guy from Strictly, and the gorgeous Katherine Jenkins. I feel they all have what I’m talking about: the essence of bravery even when we are scared; the courage to get up and try; the spirit to shine. In this climate it’s so easy to get down and feel alone, especially at Christmas when we start to measure ourselves against the ideals of the perfect Christmas, the perfect couples or family.
Now as your mother Christmas, I insist whatever your circumstances, you are perfect! I want you to think about what your Christmas wish is, whether it’s to ask that guy out, or for a well-deserved pay rise, maybe a mistletoe kiss? I say risk it, try it, you deserve love. However it goes, we can laugh about it afterwards.
I also want to thank you for being there for me, and if you fancy a good night out, come and see the new Spice Girls musical Viva Forever.
Have an amazing Christmas whatever you do, see you in 2013 and let’s make it a good one. Big hug love Geri x

PS..13 is my lucky number..(it was my school register number I had to learn to live with it!)