Editor's Letter


Apparently the hot weather – that is when it makes an appearance – makes certain groups of people want to get physical. And by that, we mean engage in some kind of sport. And when we say sport, we mean one where’s there’s a kit involved.
Not that the sportsmen in this issue are wearing much kit, mind you, but who are we to complain?
It’s a delight to welcome Ben Cohen back to the pages of GT, especially as this time he’s in his underwear. We knew we’d get there in the end.
And then the lovely Daniel Keatings – who may or may not be taking part in the Olympics, it wasn’t announced by the time we went to press – showed us just what he can do. It made us think we should probably take exercise a little more seriously, so elsewhere this issue we look into what kind of personal trainer we should get and how exactly we should behave in the gym…
To offset some of that masculinity we’ve got a few of our very favourite ladies in the mag too, including the genius that is Jennifer Saunders talking all things Spice Girls and Absolutely Fabulous. Things take a slightly more serious than expected turn with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and we catch up for, well, a bit of a laugh with Bananarama as they celebrate 30 years in ‘the biz’.
There aren’t really enough words of thanks we can convey to the founders of Pride and the Terrence Higgins Trust for everything they’ve done, but we give it a good go as both hit significant anniversaries this month.
Speaking of which – we’re almost 40. How do you think we’re looking? Let us know – drop an email to edit@gaytimes.co.uk, tweet us @gaytimesmag or chat to us on facebook/gaytimes, where content is updated daily. Well, almost daily. We’ve got to make hay while the sun shines you know… See you in 30!


Team GT