Editor's Letter


To reach 400 issues of a magazine is a pretty incredible achievement. But that’s nothing compared to the incredible achievements that have been reached by other people since we first began life as Him Exclusive Magazine back in 1974.
And that’s what this issue is all about. A great big celebration of the gay culture that, over nearly 40 years, we’ve strived, worked and campaigned for since we first hit the shelves.
It’s a celebration of where we are now and, as ever, always hopeful for what could come within the next 400 issues.
At times it’s a teary thank you to those pioneers who have paved the way. At others it’s a knees-up with people who’ve helped us enjoy the journey.
We’d encourage you to go and look some of these people up, to see something you might have missed, to learn a little about how we – meaning gay people – got where we are today. Without, obviously, being preachy and boring about it.
And, of course, to enjoy it too – there’s been fighting and campaigning but there’s been lots of laughs and partying too.
Hopefully this celebratory issue has something for everyone.
And we don’t, by any means, intend this as a definitive list, or a ‘countdown’. We’re all important – everyone is special in their own way. You don’t need someone being given a number on a pointless list to know that.
Most importantly, this celebration is proof – physical proof you hold in your hands be it paper or digitally – that it does get better.
You can help change things, you can make a difference, you can play a part in making it get better.
Because it does, as this magazine goes to show. And now it's happening faster than ever before. But we've still got a long way to go. And hopefully we'll get there together.

Team GT