Editor's Letter


We’ve all got our own individual sense of style here at GT, so don’t be thinking we’re fashionistas who swan around styled to the hilt, turning our noses up at people that aren’t well dressed (it’s not really like Ugly Betty, no matter how hard we try).
So while we’ve plenty within our hallowed pages for those of you that do enjoy your more high-end fashion, there’s more than enough for those who like their fashion as an excuse for some gratuitous clothes-off. Admit it, you weren’t really THAT interested in the underwear in your mums old catalogue were you? (that’s a joke for readers who remember life pre-internet there).
Making the knights from Merlin modern was a joy, for obvious reasons when you see our exclusive shoot and interview. Merlin is one of the biggest shows in the world at the moment BUT for us it means that, along with Doctor Who returning, the nights are drawing in and Saturday night television has once again gotten absolutely bloody brilliant.
We’re – like everyone else it feels – obsessed with The X Factor (follow us on Twitter @gaytimesmag as we live tweet, iPhone in one hand, sparkling drink in the other) and Strictly Come Dancing is back any week now. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas.
If you’re not fussed with Christmas then celebrate something else sparkly that’ll soon be upon us, our 400th issue, which is coming very soon… To get you in the mood for that we’ve got a selection of vintage issues available at pocketmags.com.
What’s better than vintage? Like GT, it never goes out of style.
Team GT