Editor's Letter


“It’s our sex issue this month.” “Well how is that different from any other issue?”
Har-di-har-har. Everyone’s a comedian, eh?

But how exactly do we go about making GT sexier – the nipple tally in a regular issue beats trying to count all the dogs in 101 Dalmatians, and if you go too far down that route you’re ripped from the supermarket shelves by complaining mothers quicker than you can say “it’s artistic nudity!” Especially when, in 2011, we’ve still got people complaining that the longest-running gay magazine around (that’s us by the way) is stocked on the top shelves with your more ‘adult’ publications.

So we hope we’ve got the balance right and we’ll just keep repeating to ourselves – you can’t please everyone. Though, of course, we’ll give it a damn good try, so email us on edit@gaytimes.co.uk or tweet us @gaytimesmag and tell us what you think, what you’d like to see in GT or even just for a bit of a blether.
Speaking of which, a lot of you have asked about GT being available to download via Android. Well you now can, hurrah! So get downloading.

Oh yes, that sex question. Well see for yourself, what are you waiting around here for? Team GT

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