Editor's Letter


Porn. That staple issue theme of gay publishing, literally since gay publishing began.

In fact, when Gay Times first hit the shelves – almost 30 years and 400 issues ago, making us the longest-running gay title in the world dontcha know – it was little more than porn in its original incarnation as Him magazine.

See for yourself – we’ve just made the first issue available to download. Except expect to see a few black boxes covering the dangly (or not so dangly at times) bits. Times have, thankfully, changed and as a result the way we consume media has changed too.

So while we want to bring you the best we can when talking about porn, don’t go expecting something similar to those ‘good old days’. We’d never get away with it now – one of the (wonderful) advantages of changing times, becoming more acceptable and so forth, is that gay publishing is no longer underground or under the counter. In fact, you might have even picked us off the shelf in your local supermarket. Which means a big old no-no for naughty bits!

So just as the way we access porn has changed, we’re offering you a different slice of the pie with features on how porn has affected Twitter and how people want real-time, real-life porn experiences. We also find out what it’s really like on the set of an adult movie – and you can see the finished result (and a whole array of other eye-opening items) at prowler.tv and prowler.co.uk. How’s that for interactive?

Normal service will be resumed next month, with – in keeping with our current theme – a few playful tweaks here and there to keep you interested.

In the meantime, if looking at all these buff, well-endowed men makes you feel somewhat inadequate just remember that we have to do the best with what we’re given.

Team GT