Editor's Letter

September 10 - Jon Lee

Well you’ve all been getting plenty. Thanks to all of you who took part in our sex survey, we now know you have lots more bedroom action than most straights and are far from vanilla between the sheets / on top of the washing machine / wherever.
But before this editor’s letter turns into a cheesy 80s porn film, I want to say I’ve been thinking a lot about sex recently. No, not like that – I’m not about to share too much. But I was interested in the attitudes that people whose work revolves around sex have to their jobs.
Mostly they are proud of what they do and know they are a success. So those who run gay saunas, produce porn or sell dildos aren’t at all ashamed or embarrassed and happily talk about their work with friends and relatives.
It may surprise you even more to learn they have few problems with the likes of builders and bank managers who fit out their shops and sex clubs and finance the businesses. Mostly these people can understand that a profitable company is worth working with, whether it’s involved in sex or not.
I’m sorry if this takes some of the sleazy, furtive excitement out of it all. I’m just suggesting that we should be a little less ashamed of our own sex lives too. Gay men have always been more sexually adventurous and by coming out we’ve forced others to think and talk more openly about sex. But you only have to hop across the channel to see we’re far behind the rest of Europe. So use this testosterone-packed, horned up edition of GT to fight the sexual revolution. Or just kick back and perv over the pictures.
Finally the very good news that GT is now available as an iPad app with state-of-the-art page-turner technology and quick find functionality. Simply download onto your Mac, PC or iPad by going to gaytimes.co.uk and clicking on “GT for the iPad”. You can do it issue-by-issue or as a subscription and it’s cheaper than in the shops. You can also download back copies.