Editor's Letter

July 10 - Emmerdale

When I was a kid I hated sport (or “games” as they call it at school) and would fake any illness to get out of it. Now there’s nobody making me stand in a muddy field in the rain, though, I’ve realised I quite enjoy going for an early morning run or even kicking a football around – though I’m still crap at that.
Over the last few years it’s been great to see the huge expansion in the number of gay sports teams which has encouraged loads of lads to get out of the pub and try a different way of making new mates (you can see some of them in the flesh – with the emphasis on flesh – in the mag). And in the coming months our newly expanded “Fit” section will give you even more ideas for getting in shape and making it fun. But whether you enjoy taking part in sport, just spectating or simply lusting over hot sportsmen, we’ve got plenty for you to look at.
Because of expanding Fit, we’ve moved some of your other regulars around in the magazine too. Don’t worry, Style, Food, Confess and Mr Sock are still in here, they’ve just moved to new homes.
If sport doesn’t do anything for you, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of other stuff. We’ve interviewed and photographed Emmerdale’s hot young gay couple for a start. More seriously, with homophobic crime still rising, we look at why so many of the most vicious assaults and murders are done by kids. If that depresses you, we think the story of a 16-year-old who started a website to help other bullying victims will give you some hope.
Finally the very exciting GT app is coming soon, meaning that you’ll be able to read your favourite magazine (that’s this one btw) on your iPhone or iPad. How geeky and cool is that? Just keep your eyes on gaytimes.co.uk for the launch details and you can be our early adopters.