Editor's Letter

June 10 - Mathew Horne

I got stupidly angry when I heard the Pope’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, had linked homosexuality to paedophilia. Why we have let these people get away with such disgusting abuse, followed by a poorly-disguised cover-up, followed by blatant lies is as much a mystery to me as why we haven’t forced the Pope out of office yet. But it was stupid of me to get angry because Bertone’s outburst was so predictable – when the going gets tough, the tough blame someone else and we are the perfect victims. Our news feature this month looks at the cynical politics and twisted psychology behind such scapegoating. And there’s a bit about weird things we’ve been blamed for, which would be funny if it hadn’t caused so much persecution and murder. These people are just dirt, but when you choose a man nicknamed God’s Rottweiler to be your spiritual leader, you can only blame yourself.
Had to get that off my chest but now I’m stuck on how to segue into talking about hot guys flashing their tits and arses. Fuck it, there’s no right way. I just want to say we’re packed full of fitties this month, from S-Club’s Jon Lee (he’s grown!) to out Olympic diving hero Matthew Mitcham. You can also snuggle into bed with eight cute readers who stripped off to tell you what they get up to between the sheets.
Really, though, this issue is about enjoying the great outdoors – with some summer fashions, Aussie brands, picnic tips, a beach workout and our festival guide to point you in the right direction.
And finally, the one thing not to miss this month is Worried About the Boy, BBC2’s brilliant retro drama about Boy George – it took me right back to my six-year-old self singing Adam Ant/ Culture Club numbers, using my dressing-gown cord as a mic. Put that embarrassing image out of your mind though, and enjoy our interview with Mathew Horne (who plays George’s lover Jon Moss). And yes, we asked him about homophobia in his comedy as well as about Kylie!