Editor's Letter

May 10 - Tom Chaplin

In the 1990s, the expansion of the gay scene liberated countless thousands of us. In the last decade the internet and, now, mobile apps has done the same for bisexuals and “men who have sex with men” while leading basically straight lives.
Back then, the fact there were more bars and clubs made it easier to meet guys and make friends. But I reckon the fact that those venues started to have big windows made a difference too. Places like Manto’s in Manchester allowed us to see and be seen on the scene. Rather than having to knock at a blacked-out door down a side alley and then sneak into a dingy drinking hole, gay bars became open. And we became more open – more proud. (Sorry, that sounds a bit naff, but it’s true!)
The anonymity of the sex dating sites and apps like Grindr is, of course, one reason why “straight” guys find them so appealing. But when we spoke to some of those guys (page 66) the lies they have to tell their wives, and even themselves, spilled out. Obviously there are plenty of openly gay men who fuck around behind their boyfriends’/ husbands’ backs so dishonesty can happen in any relationship. Still, that doesn’t make it right or good for you.
On a lighter note we are packed full of top music talent this issue: Tom Chaplin of Keane’s first interview in a gay magazine, Boy George’s one-millionth interview in a gay magazine (actually it’s a goodie though), Ke$ha, Goldfrapp, Sophie Ellis Bextor... we’ve got them all and more.
Plus we’ve somehow managed to squeeze in some tips on how to lose that belly for the summer, pix from the brilliant Twitter Show Pants Saturday and I went to Tenerife and got a bit of a tan. And learned the island has a lot more to it than you might imagine. Just like GT really, only sunny.