Editor's Letter

April 10 - Dr Who Exclusive

There are only two things everyone will be talking about this spring, and we’ve got exclusives on both of them.
First and foremost, we’ve gone behind the scenes on Doctor Who to bring you interviews with the stars, including new Doctor Matt Smith and his assistant Karen Gillan. And we’ve taken a closer look at how Britain’s brightest behind-the-scenes gay talent creates the biggest show on TV. From our exclusive cover image to Matt discussing his undies, we’ve been given unprecedented access to all things Who, which may be something to do with the fact that Darren, who has written the feature, is a big old stalking geek.
Rather less importantly (joke) we’ve got exclusive interviews with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Seriously we’re all grown-ups (except for my anonymous colleague who’s wearing the Dalek mask, below) so you don’t need me to tell you that this election is the most important in over a decade in deciding Britain’s future. And with a hung parliament a real possibility, even Nick Clegg has a shot at the big time. No interview can cover all gay issues but Martin Popplewell pushed them hard on their policies and voting records and you can judge for yourself if you’re satisfied with the answers.