Editor's Letter

February 10 - Hot TV

You’ve got no money left after Xmas and it’s cold outside. There’s nothing better to do than turn on the TV. Telly execs know this so they start some of their best shows around now – no point blowing the budget if no-one’s watching after all. We’ve clocked onto it too, which is why this issue is packed with the hottest talent on the box. Being Human (phwoar!), Ugly Betty, Glee, Skins (phwoar again!) and more.
It’s not all letching and bitching though, there’s also a weird bit where we send Bob off to some witches’ training session on the weak pretext that a new series of Eastwick is coming out. Does his spell work? Does it fuck. Sorry about the spoiler but I think we all know that one was inevitable. Funny though.
Even Scott Mills gets in on the act as he meets some of his TV childhood heroes. Unfortunately one of them’s Philip Schofield (though we love Gordon the Gopher – I interviewed him once years ago and he hates it when you say that).
More seriously we take an amazing glimpse into the lives of gay troops on the front-line in Afghanistan and fighting piracy off the coast of Africa. We find that 10 years on from the lifting of the ban on gays in the forces, their sexuality is not an issue. But dust and heat and surviving rocket attacks definitely is. We don’t even have to comment that soldiers are hot even when they’re not in the desert, ‘cos This Bit Is Proper Journalism.
BTW, our sale of celeb pants from our January issue went mental and raised over £1,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so a really genuine big old GT thank you to everyone who put in a bid. Plus kiss and lick.