Editor's Letter

January 10 - Celebs Strip

Don’t worry, you’re not being cheated. When I promised you 32 naked men on the cover, I obviously didn’t include myself – that would hardly be a selling point. But having asked so many celebs and some of our readers to take their kit off, I thought it would be a bit crap of me not to do it too.
I went along to most of our naked shoots and everyone who did it was amazing. One of them even warmed up for the gig by doing star-jumps in front of us. And well done to the guys who agreed to do pics outside on some freezing cold mornings! Some of the locations really were properly public but it wasn’t so much the chance of being oggled by office workers or passers-by that most bothered anyone – having their mates or agents nearby was the biggest barrier, it seems it’s much harder to strip in front of someone you know than a complete stranger.
Once you’ve done it, though, a naked pic is weirdly liberating. And you’ll also be liberated to know that even the sexiest guys we shot had something about their bodies they didn’t like – so maybe we should all go a bit easier on ourselves.
There is a purpose to all of this, apart from leching over hot men – we’re using it as a chance to highlight cancer and help Macmillan Cancer Support reach out to gay men. You can find out more about that, and about our charity auction of signed underwear from each of the shoots, and bid on them over here!!!
We’ve got loads of other stuff in the issue too, including a chat with Doctor Who supremo Russell T Davies, the first major interview with rising star Harry Lloyd and the brilliant Jamie Cullum’s rock confessions.
Hope this will give you a laugh / keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you in 2010.