Editor's Letter

December 09 - Meet Mr Right

I hate the idea of getting heavy on this page. It’s much more fun writing about pecs and slebs than it is about hate crime. But I think I’ve probably got a responsibility, if gay magazines stand for anything, to say something about this month’s events.
I was sad, but not shocked, to be reminded that the Daily Mail is a homophobic shit-rag and that anyone can be a victim of hate crime, no matter where they are (Ian Baynham) or who they are (trainee copper James Parks). But what constantly surprises me is how gay and bi men and women, and our mates, can rally together when it really counts.
A lot of jaded, cynical, bitter old queens moan that there’s no such thing as the gay community. That’s bollocks. It sure didn’t feel like that at the candle-lit vigil in Trafalgar Square, which I reported from for PinkPaper.com. And I’m pretty sure whoever opens the post at the Press Complaints Commission agrees with me, after the Jan Moir article got 25,000 complaints.
Yeah, gay men like to drink and go clubbing (actually a mate of mine spotted me at the front of the vigil and called me as soon as it was over to invite me out, but I had to go and put the article live instead, which was a bit of a bugger). But it’s pretty obvious that there’s more to all of us than that, and that’s why we can be proud of ourselves and of our community.
Anyway, lecture over. Next month’s our naked issue, so there will be boys and bums all over the place and I promise to write about that kinda stuff instead. And I hope you enjoy this issue too, if you like hot vampires you’re onto a winner