Editor's Letter

November 09 - Alphabeat

“NEW!” says our cover and to make the point we put it in caps and added a “!”. Yeah, 25 years of GT history (fighting for rights, civil partnership, Section 28, unique queer culture, blah, blah) is amazing and we’re incredibly proud of it. But I’m even prouder to be trying stuff gay glossies just haven’t done before. I know, it sounds like I’m blathering, but it’s true.
For starters we’ve got Scott Mills as our new star columnist (his first column ever). Secondly we’re trying to cover loads of different stuff. So there’s a lot of slebs and sex but we also sent Jamie into some kind of wind-tunnel thing with a hangover to see if he would throw-up. And we also know that showing things in a new way makes all the difference – particularly if it involves a hot man, like our new doctor’s column (actually Dr David’s quite cute, so that’s two hot men in one, really).
At the risk of being all awards ceremony at you, there’s a lot of people who’ve really supported us and/or worked their asses off to get this new GT out, so thank you to everyone who has been part of it. That also means you – having people reading the mag is, after all, the point. Lots of you have also taken the time to write or help out on our super-sized focus group, so cheers for that, the next 170-odd pages should show we’ve listened.
Finally, as a kind of real thank you for your support, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering you the next three issues for just £1 each with our special subscription deal (just check out page 9 in the actual mag)