Editor's Letter

Editors letter: GT435 Summer 2014

“Pretty legs... Great big knockers... That’s what sells them tickets at the door!”

So sang The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, in her 1997 concert Diva Las Vegas (look it up baby gays, you’ll see how it’s done properly). And, well, the old showgirl that I am, that’s exactly what we’re giving you this month. I’m sure the current trend is to describe something with the word ‘realness’ at the end, but hey.

And while yes, the ‘ladies’ from RuPaul’s Drag Race *do* have pretty legs – as you’ll see in the final part of our exclusive interviews with the series six finalists, Courtney Act and Adore Delano – blimey, Lewis Bloor’s stems go on for miles. He’s a big lad. And while the former model is classically handsome (alright, I admit, I was a little smitten on the day of our eye-popping cover shoot), he’s also really very humble. SOLD to the man in the Batman jumper.

And speaking of lovely (though we’ve yet to get drunk enough together to even discuss our legs and knockers), I’m so happy to have Jordan and Russell – aka the 2 Lovely Gays – joining Team GT from this issue. They emailed, they tweeted, they called. They sent a pug cushion and I thought ‘well now I HAVE to meet them’ and I was taken aback by just how lovely they actually are. Sceptical old thing that I am. I’m terrified to ask them over in case they a) judge my interior design choices or b) steal my action figures...

Anyway – as I was saying: “Pretty legs and great big knockers – honey these are real show stoppers. That’s what keeps them coming back for more!” See you in 30 days then?

Darren Scott @darren_scott