Editor's Letter


"Leave the girl... It's the man I want!"

So begins my favourite Doctor Who story, Time and the Rani. And it's a sentiment I took to heart growing up watching the show. Who knows why Doctor Who has such a gay following? And frankly, who cares? I love it. Love it with all my cold, stony heart. It's been the constant in my life and now, thanks to the wonderful Russell T Davies (the only man who's made me cry that I HAVEN'T slept with*) it's the biggest show on the planet. And it's actually cool to like it! I made believe in the school playground, with the other uncool kids, and now - as you'll see in this issue - I get to run around the real TARDIS. I cannot begin to tell you what absolute joy that brings me, that it's all kind of come full circle. And yes, I still sometimes lie awake hoping I'll hear the sound of the TARDIS. I'd be off like a shot, my Tetrap-like pug in tow. So please do indulge me as we take a somewhat gay glance at 50 years of a Time Lord - including the lady that uttered THAT line, Kate O'Mara. In fact, I rather think I've filled the issue with a plethora of people I adore and admire (and fancy). And hell why not, after all, I'm the editor and it is my birthday this month. Normal service - if such a thing exists at Gay Towers - resumes in 30 days with quite possibly the best Christmas present you could ever ask for. Now, now - don't be wishing for a time machine just yet, because frankly I think this edition is brilliant. Enjoy!

*because of his WRITING, not because he's a meanie or anything.

Darren Scott