Editor's Letter


I used to love this time of year and going back to school. Well, when I say school I actually mean university because I didn't always particularly enjoy school. There's only so many times you can get a note from your mum to excuse you from all sports except aerobics for the entire term (yes, my best friend Barry and I did that. We made the teacher mix tapes). So it's nice to hear that these days it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to education (unless of course you were in with the cool girls; you know the ones that always walked down a corridor in a line, in slow motion, because then surely your school days were great).

When we thought of having a bit of a theme - out 18-year-old Layton Williams' first gay shoot and interview for school comedy Bad Education and celebrating those kids that are gay in the classroom - it was nice to have a positive spin for once. And then doesn't section 28 go and rear it's bloody ugly head again? Like the annoying little shit it is, it would do that on press week too. But that's news for you! Hopefully it's not as bad news as it initially appears. After all, aren't we all a little reactionary these days without checking first? And aren't the younger generation less likely to stand for it now? Regardless, we're looking into it. Meanwhile, YOU should be looking into subscribing because we've got some frankly AMAZING print subscriber covers coming up. Was that seamless? That's education for you.

Darren Scott @darren_scott