Editor's Letter


Isn't it strange that after all that fuss - or at least, what some may perceive as a 'fuss' - that when the fight for equal marriage was won, there was almost no media coverage of it?

I mean, it wasn't as though some woman, married into a well-to-do family, had given birth to a baby boy and therefore eclipsed the surely inevitable slew of pages we were due for our victory... No, it was a fairly quiet news day for such a loud win for equality. But you wouldn't have thought it. But then maybe that's the way it should be - that it's simply fact and not 'news'. As though there's a sheepish acknowledgement that no, this actually wasn't right all along, but we've fixed it now.

So who's actually going to get married then? Do drop us a line. In fact, invite us along, I promise the pug will behave. Obviously I'd be bagsying Liza to perform if I ever got married (look, we can acknowledge that SATC2 was meant to be that bad and embrace it for that reason) but we've got a load of gay and gay-friendly musicians in this issue that would perfectly fit the bill. And hey, if you want some beautiful boys to pop out of a cake (that happens at weddings, right?) then look no further than the Norris Twins.

Still on the lookout? Well keep your eyes peeled for out naked readers shoot, coming to these pages very soon... Definitely something worth making a fuss over!

Darren Scott @darren_scott