Editor's Letter


Yes, yes – we all know people tend to feel sexier in the summer. Especially if there’s a patch of grass to settle down and strip off on – certainly that’s the case on Hampstead Heath, which Gay Times is so very conveniently situated right next to. It’s a hardship, having to walk the pug every lunchtime and see more and more men wearing less and less each day. Hopefully some of the content in this issue will turn the heat up that little bit more.

But apart from the more obvious side of all things sex (hello Daniel Bederov so effortlessly looking beautiful with not a stitch on), this issue looks at the other side of sexuality. What happens when it stops, for example? And in fact – is it really that important? For those of you screaming ‘YES!’ there’s some underwear you might want to check out in our summer shoot elsewhere in the issue. Models getting wet, again, it’s a hardship.

Last month we featured ITV’s new sitcom, Vicious. For the record, I’m still very much a fan. And I’m wearing that same hat (quite wide­brimmed, hides my eyes when I’m looking at shirtless men on the Heath) for the release of HBO’s Behind The Candelabra. This film about the life of Liberace – starring our interviewees Matt Damon and Michael Douglas – is getting a cinema release in the UK (in America it’s airing on HBO) and I’d urge you to go and see it. It’s fantastic, fabulous and flamboyant and another fascinating reminder of how far we’ve come. It’s also heart­breaking, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Be safe and I’ll see you in 30 days.

Darren Scott

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