Editor's Letter


This month I got Vicious.

What’s new? You might ask. But I mean I really got Vicious. I’d obviously heard that ITV were planning a ‘gay sitcom’ about two older gay guys. But then I had the privilege to not only attend a recording of the show, but to have a snoop around the set and then interview the writer and producer Gary Janetti and stars Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi and the fabulous Frances de la Tour. No really, so many men I spoke to about this gasped when her name was mentioned. Reader, I would have married her.

Aside from all of this being rather wonderful, and my being very lucky to have the opportunity, Vicious is actually quite, quite brilliant. I genuinely laughed until I ached. And while that’s a great thing – after all, that’s what you want from a sitcom – it’s also rather wonderful to see mature gay men depicted so magnificently on prime time television. So it’s not just a ‘gay sitcom’, it’s far cleverer than that – an indication of how far we’ve come (and how quite a lot of us will turn out to become).

There’s two sides to every story, of course, so we took the opportunity that Vicious presented to look at what real life is like for mature gay men living in 2013 – which will almost certainly make you stop and think. I know that I’m not ready for what life in retirement could bring – though I’d certainly like to hope I’ll be able to spend it in a lived-in flat, with my closest friend, and a 20-year-old dog asleep in a basket.

And if my equivalent of Frances de la Tour fancies popping round and being wonderfully inappropriate with my young neighbour, even better.

Be safe and I’ll see you in 30 days. And if you can’t be safe, be Vicious.

Darren Scott

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