Editor's Letter


Legends. We’ve all got our own.

This issue is positively over-flowing with them, I’d go so far as to say gay royalty in their own unique ways. Jonathan Harvey – not just because he didn’t realise I was considerably older than he thought I was, but because Beautiful Thing played such a big part in my first wobbly steps as a gay man. And because he’s a bloody hoot and everything he’s done is fantastic. I bow to you sir.

Daran Little – no HE does look deceptively youthful and he’s not shy of a vest, dear reader. He’s also had me in tears (in a good way) over the years. Road to Coronation Street was bloody wonderful, wasn’t it? And, of course, he gave us Corrie’s ‘first gay’ in the form of Todd Grimshaw. He’s also got a good eye for young actors – he’s the man you have to thank for Kieron Richardson gracing our screens. And now there’s Jon Paul Bell, giving us his all (literally) on our cover and appearing in Daran’s new gay comedy for Sky Living.

And then there’s Joan Collins and Richard O’Brien – both having played a unique part in my gay life growing up and thank GOD for them. Whether is was a fight in a fish pond or dancing in a theatre in suspenders, I hold them entirely responsible and love them for it.

Back with a new alum amd exhibition, David Bowie, as the Goblin King in Labyrinth, caught my youthful eye for all different reasons. And Kate Bush – celebrating 35 years in music – is the soundtrack everyone should have to their lives…

And then there’s you, faithful reader. Legends in your own way, all of you. Your Tweets, emails and comments are a daily joy so THANK YOU for your support.

Be safe and see you in 30 days.

Darren Scott

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