Editor's Letter


“If you dance, you’ll feel a whole lot better.”

Never was a truer word said – and there’s a certain special group of songs that gay men have been dancing to for nearly 30 years.

(And still are, despite some of them not having been born when they were first released.)

Yes, we’re talking about the genius of Stock, Aitken and Waterman and the fact that we suspect a great number of those gentlemen will be dancing away still at The Hit Factory Live in London’s Hyde Park in July.

We got exclusive interviews with some of the biggest Hit Factory acts in a frankly gargantuan feature this month. We felt like celebrating, to be honest. It’s not all doom and gloom and with World Pride coming to London there’s never been a better reason to get your dancing shoes on.

Speaking of World Pride, we take a look at the entire planet and tell you where your custom and lifestyle are accepted and where you shouldn’t be giving the time of day. It’s your one-stop, most up-to-date world gay map – go and explore!

We also celebrate the achievements of Alan Turing, as a new exhibition pays tribute, and further celebrate out gay men – like our cover stars Ben and Sam Allen from Channel 4’s Playing It Straight – who are living life to the fullest.

Gay couple Chris and Mark from Desperate Scousewives talk about what life has in store for them AND we sit down with the legend that is Kathy Burke to talk about why she’s written a love letter to us guys.

Why, it’s making us feel a bit like doing a bit of an excited dance. So we’ll see you at the front for Pride and The Hit Factory then?

“It’s our occupation, we’re a dancing nation.”

xoxo Team GT